COVID-19 Policies in Effect

Sunday, August 2, 2020
As events around the world continue to rapidly unfold, we are adjusting our policies given the latest information we have available.  Our intent is to evaluate information as it comes in and adjust our policies on a weekly basis which we will communicate to you weekly. 
Effective Monday, March 23, the Saint Louis regions county and city health authorities have issued a directive ordering numerous limits to normal activities and social interaction.    
Europa Market is currently classified as an essential business exempt from most closure requirements.  However, our workforce is subject to disruptions in their daily lives that we are obliged to mitigate as much as possible. 
Furthermore, our supply chain is under enormous strain from a surge in demand and restrictions at international borders delaying the normal flow of goods. 
With all these developments, the following changes to normal policy will take starting Monday, March 23 and will remain in effect until rescinded. 
  • Expect delays:  We encourage you place your orders at least 2 days before truck departure.  Restrictions on movement and disruption of school, daycare and other schedules has placed additional burdens on our staff whose health and wellbeing are a top priority.  We know you are experiencing similar concerns for the safety of your own families and workforce.  We ask for calm and understanding.  
  • Limits to Order Quantities:  From Monday, we will set a limit to maximum orderable quantity of any single item to 11 cases.   
    Excluded from this limit will be:  bottled water from Radenska, Kiseljak and Donat; bottled soft drinks from JupiCocktaOrangina and Spezi; most juices from Fructal. 
  • Restrictions to Warehouse Access:  Pursuant to restrictions directed by governing agencies and advised by the CDC, we are suspending walk-in visits and appointments to our facilities until further notice.  This restriction will apply to both our offices and storage areas in all of our locations.